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As a teenager, Catalina explores Bolivia is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America. The new constitution, passed in Januaryrecognizes 37 official languages.

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Family in Bolivia is the center of life. Families are very close and often many generations live together socrates view on justice essay one house, especially in rural areas. Roles are very traditional and machismo surrounds the men.

Machismo often leads to the men providing for the family and women being responsible for caring for the house and children. Men can feel superior to women and have a strong sense of honor. Men will maintain face and dignity at all costs. And often, married men cannot hold administrative or political positions. Instead they focus on building relationships. Relationships and gender roles are very traditional. Business dealings should not severely It is usually that women are the economic foundation of rural communities.

Women seem to be more responsible and they have power and knowledge to make the correct decision which is going to protect her family and society. Above: a lesson in the bullfighting school in Venta de Antequera, Seville. Boys do most of socrates view on justice essay exercises in pairs - one of them plays the role of torero and the other the role of the bull. I asked the boys what their favourite films were and they said they liked watching old bullfighting movies from the s and 60s.

It was almost like a Spanish version of the American dream. Aureliano inquires about sexual activity at a very young age. He begins to gradually comprehend what his older brother is experiencing wiht Pilar Ternera.

I would generally accept his demands because placating him was certainly better than pointlessly fighting him. But when I came to Northwestern, I began to dress and look the way I wanted letter of application to college. I went through a process of finding what was comfortable for myself, but it hurt knowing I had to do this away from home solely because this was something my dad would not understand or accept.

I realize my dad does this because he thinks that if I fit in with the herd, then I will be happy. But, ultimately, brown boys everywhere will have to do so. But that excuse is too convenient and too selfish to work for much longer. Ruben E. Reyes Jr. Although the book is fictional we can connect the stories to real events that occured during that time. Throughout the novel, Junot Diaz the writer, footnotes and gives a brief history and importance of each name or event that occured. He talks about the Mirabal sisters, Trujillo and his men, the neighborhoods, the impacts it had on his family, and others while simultaneously telling the story of Oscars life.

Machismo is something that has been prevalent among hispanic culture for the longest of times. Systematically oppressing women and forcing them to tend to the desires of men.

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As a society we must help break away from this way of life. We can start by holding men accountable for their actions. Saying boys will be boys after a young man does something wrong enables him to think his actions will always be dismissed because he is a boy. We also need to make it okay for men to not be men sometimes meaning allowing for them to be vulnerable to cry and let out their frustrations.

This isnt a healthy environment for men. It promotes the bottling up of emotions to then be later released in negative ways like abuse of their partners.

He did not know how hw had come there, but he knew what his aim was, because he had carried it hidden since infancy in an inviolable backwater of his heart. Pilar Ternera sleeps with him out essays on independent films pity, but his intentions are clear. He leaves her place feeling rejuvinated. His one night love affair with Essay on ever changing fashion Ternera establishes his virility even though he speaks very poetically of Remedios and longs to be with her. Colonel Aureliano Buendia procreated with abandon.

The Astonishing Desolation Of Chavela Vargas' 'La Llorona' Vargas' ability to tap into the depths of the human spirit using just a guitar and her voice is exemplified by her album of original material and Mexican classics.

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